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The Marmore Waterfall

Marmore waterfall, 7 km from Terni along the SS. Valnerina, can be reached by Frallarenza in 1 hour and 15 minutes by car.
It is the highest waterfall in Europe (165 meters), immersed in a gorgeous natural scenery: unspoilt forests, deep gorges carved by the waters of the Black River, and pathways with wooden bridges, scenic spots, stairs in the steepest spots; you can walk along and across the river downstream of the waterfall, and then climb the side of the waterfall in a beautiful route that reaches the top of the waterfall.
Beware of opening hours timetable, because now and then they close the tap ... and the waterfall is no longer there! From about 50 years the waters of the waterfall is used to power a hydroelectric power station
The price of the ticket is € 10.00 (adults) and € 7.00 (children aged from 5 to 10)

Origins and History
Marmore waterfall is an artificial work due to the Romans. The deposits of limestone water caused, especially in periods of flood, the overflowing of the river Velino so that large areas of Rieti's flat became wetlands. In 271 a.C. Consul Manlio Curio Dentatus reclaim the land surrounding the river, digging a canal that carries water to the cliff of Marmore, from where it can still fall over into the Black River, with a jump of 165 meters. The channel got the goal proposed by Curio Dentatus but was insufficient to contain the waters of the Velino in periods of flood. The inhabitants of Rieti proposed an expansion of the canal to prevent the overflowing of the river, but the inhabitants of Terni opposed to this work becouse they feared flooding of their territory.
In the following centuries there were several attempts to resolve this problem, until in 1787 the architect Andrea Vici from Terni finally solved the problem by giving to the waterfall and the river's course the current appearance.