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last update 22 January 2018
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WWF Natural Reserve of Alviano

The WWF Alviano Natural Oasis is easily reachable from Frallarenza in about one hour by car: pass Orvieto in South direction and follow the road signs for Baschi and Alviano.
Please call the following phone number for information: 0744 903715
Two nature trails covering in total four kilometres allow you to see several bird species throughout the year. The footpaths, foot-bridges and observation points (huts and towers for "bird-watching") are situated in the most interesting spots, allowing visitors to a approach birds without disturbing them.
The Oasis of Alviano was born from a barrage of the River Tiber made in 1963 and intended to the production of electric power.
The lake that has formed, that is only thirty centimetres deep for at least the three fourths of its surface, constitutes a swampy and marshy area with a higrophylous wood stretching for about 500 hectares. This ecosystem fit for the reproduction and the halt of about 150 species of aquatic birds, beside a variety of mammals, reptiles, amphibians and insects.
For this reason, it can be presently considered as the most interesting humid zone of Umbria. This area represents an important “alimentary filling station” for rare birds, such as the crane, the wild goose or the osprey. Palustrine birds are present all over the year, above all during the periods in which there is a great availability of food.
In autumn and in winter, it is possible to watch large flocks of wild geese and coots. Spring is the season when you can watch different species every day, because this is the period of migration.