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last update 22 January 2018
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Staying with Us

At our small family running farm accommodation we offer to our guests a peaceful, quiet place where it is still possible to experience a now forgotten atmosphere, so distant from the rhythms of common modern life... If you are looking to get away from it all – no noise, no crowds, no worries – then this is the place to be!
Frallarenza is the ideal place for coupples and families with children looking for a comfortable house, in the middle of peace and serenity of nature, and a convenient starting point for day trips to discover the artistic and natural treasures of central Italy.
You will be pleased then to know that this is not a "holiday club village" with pre-arranged activities. Who’s looking for a "holiday village" where you can find any sort of already organized things has got the wrong place! HERE YOU CANNOT FIND:any restaurant, bar, club house, reception, court, soccer field, bathhouse, billiard room, riding-ground, nursery, massage room and so on...
On the other hand, Frallarenza does offer countless opportunities for walking in the beautiful countryside where woodlands are still the prevalent landscape: tens of kilometers of trails for hiking or mountain biking.
Our farmhouse is surrounded by an expansive garden, that allows our guests to enjoy peaceful hours, and children to play freely in a safe place and have a barbecue party in the equipped area with a brick barbecue and picnic table.
The Swimming Pool is surrounded by shady trees and is located in a quiet and secluded flower garden.
A Ping Pong table is in the garden, near the swimming pool and another one is covered, in a large room available for guests to play even with bad weather.
Moreover, in the farmhouse there is a large room equipped with a kitchen and a fire-wood oven , where we organize Cooking Classes: you can learn with us to make "fettuccine", potatos dumplings, pizza and many other Italian traditional recipes, and have a nice dinner with us.
For all those who are interested in craftsmanship, we organize Pottery & Terracotta Courses, as well as Weaving Courses.
Animal lovers will enjoy the discreet company of our five cats Artù, Lilli, Alice, Pippo and Nephi and the exuberant and festive company of our two Australian shepherd, Gingi and her daughter Nuvola.
We also have a family of Streicher and Dark Campbell ducks and hens who enjoy life in a large fenced pasture with a pool for the ducks (of course they are only for eggs and beauty, they will die of old age!).

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The garden of the Small Apartment
The barbecue under the big Poplar
View of the Swimming Pool
The Swimming Pool
The Swimming Pool
Gingi in a daisies sea
Gingi with daugther Nuvi and Lilli
Ping Pong Room
Ping Pong in the garden
Ping Pong in the garden
The garden, mutabilis rose
The garden, flower apple tree
The garden, a secular olive tree
The garden, a yellow climbing rose
The garden, a blooming Philadelphus
Our eggs ducks grazing
Gingi and Artù love each other very much!