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Our rates

We live here in Frallarenza and we are open all year, no closure period.
The prices, which you can read in the table below, are per night and vary depending on the apartment, number of persons and number of nights of your stay.
We decided not to make different prices in high and low season because the winter-discount is for us to offset the cost of heating, which is included in the price.
Normally we ask for a minimum stay of one week during the summer (from Saturday to Saturday) and 3 nights for New Year Eve and Easter for which there is lots of demand.
We want our guests have clear and transparent informations, so the prices are all-inclusive, no end surprises!
After the table of prices you will find all services included and those (few!) that you will pay extra, and how to book and pay an advance.

Prices per night
Prices are per night and change according with the apartment, lenght of stay and number of people:
To obtain the total cost multiply the right price per night by the number of nights you want to reserve
Small Apartament
(2+2 people)
lenght of stay
2 people
3 people
4 people
1 night
€ 140,00
€ 165,00
€ 190,00
2-3 nights
€ 100,00
€ 125,00
€ 150,00
4-6 nights
€ 95,00
€ 120,00
€ 145,00
7 nights and over
€ 90,00
€ 115,00
€ 140,00
Large Apartament
(6+4 people)
lenght of stay
4 people
5 people
6 people
7 people
8 people
9 people
10 people
1 night
€ 240,00
€ 265,00
€ 290,00
€ 315,00
€ 340,00
€ 360,00
€ 380,00
2-3 nights
€ 180,00
€ 205,00
€ 230,00
€ 255,00
€ 280,00
€ 300,00
€ 320,00
4-6 nights
€ 170,00
€ 195,00
€ 220,00
€ 245,00
€ 270,00
€ 290,00
€ 310,00
7 nights and over
€ 160,00
€ 185,00
€ 210,00
€ 235,00
€ 260,00
€ 280,00
€ 300,00
New Year Eve and Easter 3 nights at least

- Breakfast is included the first day
- Prices include sheets and towels (weekly change), water, air conditioning ( set to 25 °C - 77 F, only during the day because of the photovoltaic energy), heating (set to 21 °C - 70 F during the day and 19°C - 66 F during the night), electric power, final cleaning and IVA tax.
- Both the appartments have TV and a Free Wide Band Wireless Internet Connection
- Each apartment has a washing machine, free of charge washing soap included
- Charcoal for outdoor barbecue: 1 bag of 3 kg for free
- The fireplace is only for ornamental use, and it is not possible to use it for cooking
- Wood for fireplace: € 10,00 a box (around 30 kg)
- Please, do not use our towels in the swimming pool area
- Check in: after 16:00 - Check out: before 11:00

How to book and pay us

Booking by email plus deposit: We prefer to have a direct contact with our guests even during the booking phase; this allows us to clarify all doubts, try to understand and satisfy your personal needs, avoid misunderstandings and ambiguities.
For this reason we are not present on the main online agencies (Booking.com, Expedia.com, etc.): they directly manage the reservation, discourage or prevent direct contact between us and the customer, and allow online booking in real time, all ways more suitable for those looking for a night or two of passage in a city hotel (and mainly interested in spending as little as possible) than for those who want to plan a summer vacation or just a weekend of relax, and need more time and information to understand which is the right place based on their own tastes and needs.
So we ask you to contact us by email and phone (feel free to ask us whatever you like!), and once you feel to have found the right place, just email us and confirm the reservation by paying a deposit:
- To confirm your reservation we ask a deposit of 10% - 30%, depending on the total price of your stay; the exact amount will be notified by email upon booking
- The deposit can be payed by bank transfer,TransferWise or Paypal (please add 4% using Paypal)
- The balance can be paid on arrival in cash if the amount is less than 3,000.00 euro, by bank transfer, TransferWise or by Paypal adding 4% to cover the Paypal fee.
- If you choose Paypal to pay the deposit and/or balance please add 4% to cover the Paypal fee
We do not accept Credit or Cash Cards to pay the balance at Frallarenza: our business is too small to pay this expensive service to the bank!

Online booking in real time: we have also introduced the possibility of direct online booking, with the main purpose of making the most of the services of TripAdvisor, in which our Agriturismo is present with many beautiful reviews of our customers.
This service obviously has a cost, which is why prices on online booking are slightly higher than those in the table above using our recommended way, i.e. email and payment in advance.
You will find all the information for the payment of the deposit and the link to the direct online booking on the Booking page.

Agriturismo Frallarenza
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