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The Lake of Bolsena

The lake of Bolsena is halfway between Orvieto and Viterbo, 350 mt above sea level, and is reachable from Frallarenza within 45 minutes.
This is the largest lake of volcanic origin in Europe and is unique because of its depth, about 150 meters, also meaning that the water is clean and cool, and thanks to an efficient water purifier it is considered one of the cleanest lake in all Europe. This circular lake covers an area of nearly 200 square kilometres.
The beautiful beaches of Gradoli offer a good alternative to the more crowded seaside for swimming and sun-bathing, fresh but clean! water, shade of trees and grass instead of sand and beach umbrellas, as well as, probably, less crowd.
It also worth to visit the Bisentina Isle. A boat service between Capodimonte and the island several times a day, provided it reaches a minimum number of passengers. The island, which has an area of 17 hectares, is covered with dense forests of oak, surrounded by numerous monuments including Italian gardens with a Franciscan monastery and a church of 1500 AD by Vignola.
It's worth visiting even the village of Bolsena, founded in the III century BC by the inhabitants of the Etruscan city of Orvieto, fled to Orvieto, which had been conquered by the Romans in 264 BC
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Bolsena Village
The Castle of Bolsena
Bizentina Isle
Bizentina Isle: Basilica
Bizentina Isle: il Chiostro
Bizentina Isle: The guardian Lion
A landscape of the Lake
Gradoli: Palazzo Farnese
Capodimonte, lakeside 1
Capodimonte, lakeside 2
Grotte di Castro, the village
Grotte di Castro, the caves
Grotte di Castro, Etruscan Necropolis