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last update 22 January 2018
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Cooking Classes
(4 hours - at least 2 people)

We are not two expert and famous chefs, we don't manage a high cooking school... we are simply two Italians that love good cooking, learning to cook at home, respecting our family traditions from many places in Italy.
During the Cooking Class we will prepare and cook every recipes with you, and finally, around 19:00-20:00, have dinner all together!
You can choose the menu from the recipes in Frallarenza's Menu (we can also cook vegetarians menu).
Approximate Timetable: Cooking from 15.00 to 18:30, Dinner at 19:00-20:00
The precise schedule will be decided together according to difficulty, execution times and number of participants.
Class price 60.00 Eur per person (2 persons at least); for those who only want to have dinner without course Eur 20.00
The dinner include: appetizer, first course (pasta), second course (meat), side dish, dessert, coffee, red or white wine.
Please, book classes at least 4 days before (we need time to organize and do shopping).

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The fruits of our vegetable garden
The wood oven for pizza
The kitchen-dining room
Potatos Dumplings, the dough
Preparing the potatoes dumplings 1
Preparing the potatoes dumplings 2
Preparing the potatoes dumplings 3
Potatos dumblings ready to cook!
"Tagliatelle" dough
Tagliatelle ready to cook
Pasta with our black truffle
Zucchini flowers from our garden
Fried zucchini flowers
The Apple Strudel
Sponge cake for the Strawberry cake
Making the strawberry cake
Strawberry cake is ready...
Strawberry cake, finally we eat it!
Preparing the "frappe" 1
Preparing the "frappe" 2
"Frappe", a fried Carnival dessert
Jam tarts for breakfasts