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The Swimming Pool

In May of 2005 we opened our swimming pool, built in a quiet and secluded area of the garden, surrounded by wood and the same garden.
We care so much about details, trying to obtain a place where both children and the elderly can enjoy it.
We realized a small bathroom in the technical room next to the pool; if you need a toilet staying at the pool you don't have to go back up to your apartment.
The dimensions of the pool (12 x 5 meters, 1,45 meters deep) are quite enough to swim and play; Adults can touch the bottom everywhere in the pool, so that they can take care of children safely.
Mothers and children can stay playing and chatting safely (...and without disturbing the swimmers!) in the round shape area that is only 80 cm deep, and has a seat all around it.
Both the shade and the sunshine will never be lacking, because of the position of the pool and the wood; you can enjoy the shadow of the trees reading a book, or sunbathing on our "sun-beds".

Usually we open the pool from the middle of May till the middle of September, depending on the weather and the temperature of water
It is forbidden to dive: the pool is not deep enough!
The water deepness is 80 cm in the semicircle, suitable for young children, while is 120 cm just down the steps up to 140 cm maximum in the opposite side of the steps
Children under 12 must be attended by an adulto
Take a shower before entering the water!
The suntan lotions stain the sheet of the pool: put it long before entering the water
Bring your own beach towels, please do not use our bathrooms towels in the pool
Opening Time: 9:00 - 20:00 The pool is covered during the night to keep the temperature of the water warm, in the morning we clean the bottom
If you want to swim in the pool in the evening, please ask us: we will not cover the pool and turn on the lights in the garden and in the pool
Help us to keep the water clean: if you go barefoot on the lawn please rinse your feet on the tap near the shower
Help us to keep the sidewalk clean: Do not eat on the sidewalk
Do not leave floating objects when you exit the water, because they hinder the surface cleaning (surface movement towards the skimmers)
Please do not play soccer close to the pool, the lawn and those who want to relax will be grateful!

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View toward the Farmhouse
South view
The solar shower
The children low depth area
South-East view
East view
Night illumination