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last update 22 January 2018
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Our Large Apartment (sq m 106,5 ground floor)

The Large Apartment can accomodate up to 10 people. It consists of:
- Independent entrance porch with table and sofa
- Kitchen-living room with fireplace. It is large enough to have meals up to 12-14 people (the table stretched is 266 x 100 cm)
- Wooden loft in the kitchen-living room with two single beds (for adults or children aged more than 8-10, the ladder is a bit steep!)
- the South bedroom for 2 people (double bed or 2 single beds)
- the East bedroom for 2 people (double bed or 2 single beds)
- the North bedroom for 2+2 people (double bed plus double sofa bed)
- Hallway with washing machine and closet
- 1st bathroom with entrance from the hallway
- 2nd bathroom inside the North bedroom

Please, do not smoke inside the apartment, especially in the bedrooms, and do not throw the butts in the garden!
Nobody like to walk in a garbage dump, and it is not a pleasure for us to collect them!
Do not use the fireplace to cooking, there is a barbecue in the garden
Please turn on the extractor hood when cooking
Help us keeping the house cool in summer without waste of energy:
open the windows only after sunset, leave open all night, close them in the morning and leave closed during the day when the air is hot. It would be better if you close also the curtains to keep the sun out.
he air conditioning is set to 25 C (77 F), and it works only during the day because of the photovoltaic energy.
Help us keeping the house warm in winter without waste of energy:
open the windows and the door as little as possible, just for changing the air.
When you are not at home, please do not forget to close all the windows!
The heating is set to 21 C (70 F) during the day and 19C (66 F) during the night.

If you leave the windows open during the day we turn off the air conditioning - or heating - to avoid waste of energy

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